You can't sacrifice grades for romance.

Thelonius is a ten year old student at West Springfield Elementary School.


Lisa first bumps into Thelonius after realizing that Mr. Teeny drove her to the wrong school. After a brief chat, Lisa quickly falls in love with him.

The two spend time outside, spinning around in circles while holding hands with each other and Linguo. However, Lisa realizes that she is still late for class and has to get going. Thelonius tells that she can’t sacrifice grades for romance and that they will meet again in high school.


  • Thelonius himself confirms that he is named after Thelonius Monk and feels that the esoteric appeal is worth getting beat up for.
  • Like Lisa, Thelonius does not have friends either (although Lisa does have a few friends).
  • Thelonius also reveals that all of the schools in the area were built from identical floor plans.