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The Wicked Queen is the antagonist of a story told by Lisa.


When the Wicked Queen finds out, from her magic HD television, that Snow White is more beautiful than she, she orders her huntsman (played by Groundskeeper Willie) to cut out Snow White's heart and put it into a box. Then she wants him to take the girl's corpse and put it in another box, and then he'll get his reward (having himself killed and put into a box as well).

The Wicked Queen finds out that Snow White is still alive, and she disguises herself as a hag and visits the Dwarfs' cottage with a poison apple. After physically forcing the Princess to eat the apple, the Dwarfs return home and chase her out the window. Before she can escape, however, Snow White's animal friends corner her and tear her to pieces (despite the fact that most of Snow White's animal friends were actually herbivores). Later her head is seen impaled on a deer's antlers.

Behind the Laughter

She is based on the antagonist from Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Her demise, however, resembled that of Scar from Disney's The Lion King.