"The Un-Natural" is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show. According to Kent Brockman, this cartoon won an Annie Award.


Scratchy is up to bat in a baseball game and strikes out. Dejected, he heads for the bench, but before he gets there, Itchy appears and shows him a giant hypodermic needle full of steroids. Scratchy shakes his head and holds up a newspaper with the headline "STEROIDS CAUSE HEALTH PROBLEMS." Itchy counters with another newspaper headline: "SLUGGERS MAKE MILLION$." Now persuaded, Scratchy bends over for the shot, which Itchy gives him in the behind. The effects are immediate as Scratchy instantly becomes very bulked up and likes his new physique. On his next at-bat, Scratchy not only hits the ball out of the park, but also hits it so high and so far that it ends up landing at the South Pole, where a penguin mistakes it for an egg. Scratchy's performance wins him a "Greatest Hero Ever" trophy, and he poses for pictures with a beautiful girl on his arm.

Six years later, Scratchy is in a Congressional hearing being questioned about his steroid use, and the chairperson berates him for disgracing America's national pastime. Nervous, Scratchy sweats profusely, and spontaneously bulks up to the extreme, becoming so big that he outgrows the Capitol Building and levels it. Then fighter planes shoot at Scratchy, riddling him with bullets. Now bleeding profusely, Scratchy staggers into the National Mall and collapses in the Reflecting Pool, right in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Abraham Lincoln's statue come to life, pulls a fencepost out of the ground, and pulls Scratchy's head off. Lincoln then tosses Scratchy's head into the air and swings at it with the fence post, using it like a baseball bat. Lincoln's swing connects solidly and sends Scratchy's head flying through the air. Scratchy's head comes to rest in the Hall of Shame, atop a pillow on a pedestal. A bus full of mouse tourists stops in front of the Hall, and the mice get out and take lots of pictures of Scratchy's head. It's unclear what happens next, as Kent Brockman proceeds to state that he is interrupting the cartoon due to Dwight Diddlehopper's escape from prison.


  • Itchy also injects Scratchy with steroids in "500-Yard Gash."
  • This was clearly a spoof of the headings about steroids that involved baseball.
  • First Fence post are misspelled "Fencepost".
  • The soundtrack for the episode was a cover for Take Me Out To The Ballgame, due to Baseball playing a fairly big role in the plot.
  • This is the second Itchy & Scratchy cartoon to be interrupted with a breaking news story (in this case, Dwight Diddlehopper's escape from prison), the first being Good Cats, Bad Choices from Bart After Dark dealing with an oil spill on Baby Seal Beach.