These are the lists of characters that have character biographies on each page for each episode from Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire to Coming to Homerica, as seen in Simpsons World: The Ultimate Episode Guide, Seasons 1-20.

Season 1

  1. Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire: Santa's Little Helper
  2. Bart the Genius: Martin Prince
  3. Homer's Odyssey: Charles Montgomery Burns
  4. There's No Disgrace Like Home: Marvin Monroe
  5. Bart the General: Herman Hermann
  6. Moaning Lisa: Bleeding Gums Murphy
  7. The Call of the Simpsons: Cowboy Bob
  8. The Telltale Head: Jimbo Jones
  9. Life on the Fast Lane: Jacques
  10. Homer's Night Out: Princess Kashmir
  11. The Crepes of Wrath: Ugolin and Cesar
  12. Krusty Gets Busted: Krusty the Clown
  13. Some Enchanted Evening: Lucille Botzcowski

Season 2

  1. Bart Gets an "F": Edna Krabappel
  2. Simpson and Delilah: Karl
  3. Treehouse of Horror: None
  4. Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish: Blinky
  5. Dancin' Homer: Capital City Goofball
  6. Dead Putting Society: Todd Flanders
  7. Bart vs. Thanksgiving: Kent Brockman
  8. Bart the Daredevil: Captain Lance Murdock
  9. Itchy & Scratchy & Marge: Roger Meyers, Jr.
  10. Bart Gets Hit by a Car: Lionel Hutz
  11. One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish: Akira
  12. The Way We Was: Artie Ziff
  13. Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment: Timothy Lovejoy, Jr.
  14. Principal Charming: Seymour Skinner
  15. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?: Herbert Powell
  16. Bart's Dog Gets an F: Emily Winthrop
  17. Old Money: Beatrice Simmons
  18. Brush with Greatness: Professor Lombardo
  19. Lisa's Substitute: Mr. Bergstrom
  20. The War of the Simpsons: General Sherman
  21. Three Men and a Comic Book: Comic Book Guy
  22. Blood Feud: Dr. Hibbert

Season 3

  1. Stark Raving Dad: Leon Kompowsky
  2. Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington: Bob Arnold
  3. When Flanders Failed: Ned Flanders
  4. Bart the Murderer: Fat Tony
  5. Homer Defined: Scott Christian
  6. Like Father, Like Clown: Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky
  7. Treehouse of Horror II: None
  8. Lisa's Pony: Millicent
  9. Saturdays of Thunder: Nelson Muntz
  10. Flaming Moe's: Moe Szyslak
  11. Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk: Fritz
  12. I Married Marge: Shotgun Pete
  13. Radio Bart: Groundskeeper Willie
  14. Lisa the Greek: Jimmy Apollo
  15. Homer Alone: Mr. Teeny
  16. Bart the Lover: Woodrow
  17. Homer at the Bat: Aristotle Amadopolis
  18. Separate Vocations: Eddie and Lou
  19. Dog of Death: Veterinarian
  20. Colonel Homer: Lurleen Lumpkin
  21. Black Widower: Selma Bouvier
  22. The Otto Show: Otto Mann
  23. Bart's Friend Falls in Love: Milhouse Van Houten
  24. Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?: Professor Frink

Season 4

  1. Kamp Krusty: Dolph Starbeam and Kearney Zzyzwicz
  2. A Streetcar Named Marge: Llewellyn Sinclair
  3. Homer the Heretic: God
  4. Lisa the Beauty Queen: Amber Dempsey
  5. Treehouse of Horror III: None
  6. Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie: Itchy and Scratchy
  7. Marge Gets a Job: Surly Joe
  8. New Kid on the Block: Laura Powers
  9. Mr. Plow: Barney Gumble
  10. Lisa's First Word: Baby Bart; 1983
  11. Homer's Triple Bypass: Sam (barfly) and Larry (barfly)
  12. Marge vs. the Monorail: Lyle Lanley
  13. Selma's Choice: Patty Bouvier
  14. Brother from the Same Planet: Pepi
  15. I Love Lisa: Ralph Wiggum
  16. Duffless: Chief Wiggum
  17. Last Exit to Springfield: Carl Carlson
  18. So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show: Squeaky-Voiced Teen
  19. The Front: Abraham Simpson II
  20. Whacking Day: Richard Nixon
  21. Marge in Chains: Tattoo Annie
  22. Krusty Gets Kancelled: Gabbo

Season 5

  1. Homer's Barbershop Quartet: Nigel (manager)
  2. Cape Feare: Sideshow Bob
  3. Homer Goes to College: Doug (nerd), Benjamin (nerd), and Gary (nerd)
  4. Rosebud: Future Burns
  5. Treehouse of Horror IV: None
  6. Marge on the Lam: Ruth Powers
  7. Bart's Inner Child: Brad Goodman
  8. Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood: Horatio McCallister
  9. The Last Temptation of Homer: Mindy Simmons
  10. $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling): Ernst and Gunter
  11. Homer the Vigilante: Molloy
  12. Bart Gets Famous: Bumblebee Man
  13. Homer and Apu: Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
  14. Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy: Stacy Lovell
  15. Deep Space Homer: Inanimate carbon rod
  16. Homer Loves Flanders: Rod Flanders
  17. Bart Gets an Elephant: Stampy
  18. Burns' Heir: Homer Actor, Marge Actor, and Estonian Dwarf
  19. Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song: Gary Chalmers
  20. The Boy Who Knew Too Much: Freddy Quimby
  21. Lady Bouvier's Lover: Jacqueline Bouvier
  22. Secrets of a Successful Marriage: Annex Adminstrator

Season 6

  1. Bart of Darkness: Maude Flanders
  2. Lisa's Rival: Allison Taylor
  3. Another Simpsons Clip Show: Itchy and Scratchy (twice)
  4. Itchy & Scratchy Land: Roger Meyers, Sr.
  5. Sideshow Bob Roberts: Birch Barlow
  6. Treehouse of Horror V: None
  7. Bart's Girlfriend: Jessica Lovejoy
  8. Lisa on Ice: Üter Zörker
  9. Homer Badman: Ashley Grant
  10. Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy: Mayor Quimby
  11. Fear of Flying: Dr. Zweig
  12. Homer the Great: Number One
  13. And Maggie Makes Three: Knightboat
  14. Bart's Comet: Database
  15. Homie the Clown: Don Vittorio DiMaggio
  16. Bart vs. Australia: Evan Conover
  17. Homer vs. Patty and Selma: Ballet Teacher
  18. A Star is Burns: Old Jewish Man
  19. Lisa's Wedding: Hugh Parkfield
  20. Two Dozen and One Greyhounds: Springfield Pet Shop owner
  21. The PTA Disbands: Leopold
  22. 'Round Springfield: Lunchlady Doris
  23. The Springfield Connection: Jericho
  24. Lemon of Troy: Shelby
  25. Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One): Main Suspects (Groundskeeper Willie, Moe, Grampa, Barney, Lisa, Skinner, Tito Puente (character), Homer and Bart)

Season 7

  1. Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two): Dr. Hector von Colossus
  2. Radioactive Man: Rainier Wolfcastle
  3. Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily: Agnes Skinner
  4. Bart Sells His Soul: Grandma Van Houten
  5. Lisa the Vegetarian: Jimmy (actor)
  6. Treehouse of Horror VI: None
  7. King-Size Homer: Nick Riviera
  8. Mother Simpson: Mona Simpson
  9. Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming: Colonel Leslie Hapablap
  10. The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular: Matt Groening (character)
  11. Marge Be Not Proud: Don Brodka
  12. Team Homer: Luigi Risotto
  13. Two Bad Neighbors: Disco Stu
  14. Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield: Evelyn Peters
  15. Bart the Fink: Handsome Pete
  16. Lisa the Iconoclast: Hollis Hurlbut
  17. Homer the Smithers: Waylon Smithers, Jr.
  18. The Day the Violence Died: Chester Lampwick
  19. A Fish Called Selma: Troy McClure
  20. Bart on the Road: Cletus Spuckler
  21. 22 Short Films About Springfield: Ian (Very Tall Man)
  22. Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish": Flying Hellfish
  23. Much Apu About Nothing: The Bear
  24. Homerpalooza: Freak Show Manager
  25. Summer of 4 Ft. 2: Erin

Season 8

  1. Treehouse of Horror VII: None
  2. You Only Move Twice: Hank Scorpio
  3. The Homer They Fall: Lucius Sweet
  4. Burns, Baby Burns: Larry Burns
  5. Bart After Dark: Belle
  6. A Milhouse Divided: Kirk Van Houten
  7. Lisa's Date with Density: Jimmy the Scumbag
  8. Hurricane Neddy: Dr. Foster
  9. El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer): Spirit Guide
  10. The Springfield Files: Dana Scully and Fox Mulder
  11. The Twisted World of Marge Simpson: Frank Ormand
  12. Mountain of Madness: Ranger
  13. Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious: Shary Bobbins
  14. The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show: Poochie
  15. Homer's Phobia: John (Homer's Phobia)
  16. Brother from Another Series: Cecil Terwilliger
  17. My Sister, My Sitter: Sandwich Delivery Guy
  18. Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment: Rex Banner
  19. Grade School Confidential: Mathemagician
  20. The Canine Mutiny: Laddie
  21. The Old Man and the Lisa: Hippie
  22. In Marge We Trust: Mr. Sparkle
  23. Homer's Enemy: Frank Grimes
  24. The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase: Fake Lisa Simpson
  25. The Secret War of Lisa Simpson: The Commandant

Season 9

  1. The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson: Duffman
  2. The Principal and the Pauper: Seymour Skinner (real)
  3. Lisa's Sax: Young Milhouse
  4. Treehouse of Horror VIII: None
  5. The Cartridge Family: Raphael
  6. Bart Star: Sherri Mackleberry and Terri Mackleberry
  7. The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons: Apu's Mother
  8. Lisa the Skeptic: Angel Fossil
  9. Realty Bites: Gil Gunderson
  10. Miracle on Evergreen Terrace: Patches and Poor Violet
  11. All Singing, All Dancing: Snake Jailbird
  12. Bart Carny: Cooder and Spud
  13. The Joy of Sect: Glen and Jane (Movementarian)
  14. Das Bus: Wendell Borton
  15. The Last Temptation of Krust: Ad execs
  16. Dumbbell Indemnity: Renee
  17. Lisa the Simpson: Chet Simpson, Stanley Simpson, Millionaire Actor, "Suing" Simpson Relative, Beggar Relative, Prison Snitch (Simpson Relative), Jug Band Manager, and Hurt Leg Simpson Relative
  18. This Little Wiggy: Robby the Automaton
  19. Simpson Tide: Captain Tenille
  20. The Trouble with Trillions: Charlie (SNPP)
  21. Girly Edition: Mojo the Helper Monkey
  22. Trash of the Titans: Ray Patterson
  23. King of the Hill: Brad and Neil
  24. Lost Our Lisa: Larry (driver)
  25. Natural Born Kissers: Farmer

Season 10

  1. Lard of the Dance: Alex Whitney
  2. The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace: Bill (KBBL DJ) and Marty (KBBL DJ)
  3. Bart the Mother: Chirpy Boy and Bart Junior (Lizard)
  4. Treehouse of Horror IX: None
  5. When You Dish Upon a Star: Roy Snyder
  6. D'oh-in' in the Wind: Seth and Munchie
  7. Lisa Gets an "A": Pinchy
  8. Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble": The Lost Souls (British Raj Man, Caribbean Outcast, Man in Tuxedo, Sad-Looking Frenchman, and Lost Souls Bride)
  9. Mayored to the Mob: Leavelle
  10. Viva Ned Flanders: Amber Simpson and Ginger Flanders
  11. Wild Barts Can't Be Broken: The Creepy Bloodening Kids
  12. Sunday, Cruddy Sunday: Wally Kogen
  13. Homer to the Max: Homer Simpson (Police Cops)
  14. I'm with Cupid: Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon
  15. Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers": Sergeant Crew
  16. Make Room for Lisa: OmniTouch representative
  17. Maximum Homerdrive: Señor Ding Dong
  18. Simpsons Bible Stories: Pig of Eden
  19. Mom and Pop Art: Astrid Weller
  20. The Old Man and the "C" Student: Hans Moleman
  21. Monty Can't Buy Me Love: Arthur Fortune
  22. They Saved Lisa's Brain: Lindsey Naegle
  23. Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo: Chuck Garabedian

Season 11

  1. Beyond Blunderdome: Edward Christian
  2. Brother's Little Helper: Female Pharm Team Lab researcher and Male Pharm Team Lab researcher
  3. Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner?: Lifeways Editor
  4. Treehouse of Horror X: None
  5. E-I-E-I-D'oh: The Southern Colonel
  6. Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder: Lenny Leonard
  7. Eight Misbehavin': Larry Kidkill
  8. Take My Wife, Sleaze: Meathook and Ramrod
  9. Grift of the Magi: Funzo
  10. Little Big Mom: Mr. Sakamoto
  11. Faith Off: Brother Faith
  12. The Mansion Family: Cornelius Chapman
  13. Saddlesore Galactica: Mr. Largo
  14. Alone Again, Natura-Diddily: Rachel Jordan
  15. Missionary: Impossible: Lisa, Jr., Ak and Qtoktok
  16. Pygmoelian: Titania
  17. Bart to the Future: Tribal Chief
  18. Days of Wine and D'oh'ses: Brandine Spuckler
  19. Kill the Alligator and Run: The Southern Sheriff
  20. Last Tap Dance in Springfield: Vicki Valentine
  21. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge: Becky (It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge)
  22. Behind the Laughter: None

Season 12

  1. Treehouse of Horror XI: None
  2. A Tale of Two Springfields: Phony McRing-Ring
  3. Insane Clown Poppy: Sophie Krustofsky
  4. Lisa the Tree Hugger: Jesse Grass
  5. Homer vs. Dignity: Mr. Costington
  6. The Computer Wore Menace Shoes: Number 6
  7. The Great Money Caper: Devon Bradley
  8. Skinner's Sense of Snow: Ringmaster
  9. HOMЯ: Intelligent Homer
  10. Pokey Mom: Jack Crowley
  11. Worst Episode Ever: Radioactive Man (character)
  12. Tennis the Menace: Funeral home salesman
  13. Day of the Jackanapes: The Network Executives (Lindsey Naegle and Jeremy (network executive))
  14. New Kids on the Blecch: L.T. Smash
  15. Hungry, Hungry Homer: Howard K. Duff VIII
  16. Bye Bye Nerdie: Francine Rhenquist
  17. Simpson Safari: Kitenge
  18. Trilogy of Error: Thelonious
  19. I'm Goin' to Praiseland: The Rich Texan
  20. Children of a Lesser Clod: Lugash
  21. Simpsons Tall Tales: Singing Railroad Hobo

Season 13

  1. Treehouse of Horror XII: None
  2. The Parent Rap: Judge Constance Harm
  3. Homer the Moe: Professor Huntington
  4. A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love: Gloria Jailbird
  5. The Blunder Years: Mesmerino
  6. She of Little Faith: Nibbles
  7. Brawl in the Family: Gabriel
  8. Sweets and Sour Marge: Garth Motherloving
  9. Jaws Wired Shut: The "Afternoon Yak" Hostesses
  10. Half-Decent Proposal: Harlan Dondelinger
  11. The Bart Wants What It Wants: Greta Wolfcastle
  12. The Lastest Gun in the West: Buck McCoy
  13. The Old Man and the Key: Zelda
  14. Tales from the Public Domain: None
  15. Blame It on Lisa: Ronaldo (Blame It on Lisa)
  16. Weekend at Burnsie's: The Crows
  17. Gump Roast: Kang and Kodos
  18. I Am Furious (Yellow): Geoff Jenkins
  19. The Sweetest Apu: Annette Taylor
  20. Little Girl in the Big Ten: Brunella Pommelhorst
  21. The Frying Game: The Yes Guy
  22. Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge: Johnny Tightlips

Season 14

  1. Treehouse of Horror XIII: None
  2. How I Spent My Strummer Vacation: Rock Stars
  3. Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade: Audrey McConnell
  4. Large Marge: Dr. Velimirovic
  5. Helter Shelter: Mitch Hartwell
  6. The Great Louse Detective: Frank Grimes, Jr.
  7. Special Edna: Teacher of the Year Award Nominating Committee
  8. The Dad Who Knew Too Little: Dexter Colt
  9. The Strong Arms of the Ma: Mugger
  10. Pray Anything: Larry H. Lawyer, Jr.
  11. Barting Over: Baby Stink Breath
  12. I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can: Booberella
  13. A Star Is Born-Again: Sara Sloane
  14. Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington: Cookie Kwan
  15. C.E. D'oh: Stark Richdale
  16. 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky: Declan Desmond
  17. Three Gays of the Condo: Julio and Grady
  18. Dude, Where's My Ranch?: Luke Stetson
  19. Old Yeller Belly: Suds McDuff
  20. Brake My Wife, Please: Marriage Counselor
  21. The Bart of War: Jim Proudfoot
  22. Moe Baby Blues: Don Castellaneta

Season 15

  1. Treehouse of Horror XIV: None
  2. My Mother the Carjacker: Cora
  3. The President Wore Pearls: Repo Depot Man
  4. The Regina Monologues: Edwina
  5. The Fat and the Furriest: Grant Connor
  6. Today, I Am a Clown: The Curator
  7. 'Tis the Fifteenth Season: The Personalized Talking Astrolabe
  8. Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays: Roofi
  9. I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot: The "Robot Rumble" Announcers
  10. Diatribe of a Mad Housewife: Esme Delacroix
  11. Margical History Tour: None
  12. Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore: The Society Matron
  13. Smart and Smarter: Henry (Smart and Smarter)
  14. The Ziff Who Came to Dinner: Baby Button Eyes
  15. Co-Dependent's Day: Randall Curtis
  16. The Wandering Juvie: Gina Vendetti
  17. My Big Fat Geek Wedding: Matt Groening (character)
  18. Catch 'Em if You Can: Raoul
  19. Simple Simpson: Pie Man
  20. The Way We Weren't: Ms. Killebrew
  21. Bart-Mangled Banner: Nash Castor
  22. Fraudcast News: "Elegy for Geezer Rock" (Lisa's poem of Geezer Rock)

Season 16

  1. Treehouse of Horror XV: None
  2. All's Fair in Oven War: Stuart (All's Fair in Oven War)
  3. Sleeping with the Enemy: Mrs. Muntz
  4. She Used to Be My Girl: Chloe Talbot
  5. Fat Man and Little Boy: Goose Gladwell
  6. Midnight Rx: Johnny (Canadian)
  7. Mommie Beerest: Frankie (Health Inspector)
  8. Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass: Deion Overstreet
  9. Pranksta Rap: Alcatraaz
  10. There's Something About Marrying: Howell Huser
  11. On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister: Springfield Glacier
  12. Goo Goo Gai Pan: Madam Wu
  13. Mobile Homer: New England RV-er
  14. The Seven-Beer Snitch: Officer Krackney
  15. Future-Drama: Jenda Simpson
  16. Don't Fear the Roofer: Ray Magini
  17. The Heartbroke Kid: Tab Spangler
  18. A Star Is Torn: Cameron
  19. Thank God It's Doomsday: Andre the Archangel
  20. Home Away from Homer: Vicky and Katja
  21. The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star: Father Sean

Season 17

  1. The Bonfire of the Manatees: Caleb Thorn
  2. The Girl Who Slept Too Little: Gravedigger Billy
  3. Milhouse of Sand and Fog: The Pox Princess
  4. Treehouse of Horror XVI: None
  5. Marge's Son Poisoning: Bicycle Built for Two
  6. See Homer Run: Dr. J. Loren Pryor
  7. The Last of the Red Hat Mamas: The Cheery Red Tomatoes
  8. The Italian Bob: Gino Terwilliger
  9. Simpsons Christmas Stories: None
  10. Homer's Paternity Coot: Mason Fairbanks
  11. We're on the Road to D'oh-where: Upward Bound director
  12. My Fair Laddy: Coach Krupt
  13. The Seemingly Never-Ending Story: Bighorn sheep
  14. Bart Has Two Mommies: Toot-Toot
  15. Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife: Charles Heathbar
  16. Million-Dollar Abie: Dr. Egoyan
  17. Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore: Kavi
  18. The Wettest Stories Ever Told: None
  19. Girls Just Want to Have Sums: Jake Boyman
  20. Regarding Margie: Handsome bachelor
  21. The Monkey Suit: Wallace Brady
  22. Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play: Tabitha Vixx

Season 18

  1. The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer: Michael D'Amico
  2. Jazzy and the Pussycats: Defonzo Palmer and Marcus Le Marquez
  3. Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em: The Coaster Weirdoes
  4. Treehouse of Horror XVII: None
  5. G.I. (Annoyed Grunt): Army Colonel
  6. Moe'N'a Lisa: J. Jonah Jameson
  7. Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair): Opal
  8. The Haw-Hawed Couple: Headmaster Greystash
  9. Kill Gil, Volumes I & II: The Grumple
  10. The Wife Aquatic: Captain Jack
  11. Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times: None
  12. Little Big Girl: Darcy
  13. Springfield Up: Eleanor Abernathy (at 32)
  14. Yokel Chords: Dr. Stacey Swanson
  15. Rome-Old and Julie-Eh: A.S.S Delivery Drivers
  16. Homerazzi: Paris Texan
  17. Marge Gamer: Shadow Knight
  18. The Boys of Bummer: Joe La Boot
  19. Crook and Ladder: Nappien
  20. Stop or My Dog Will Shoot!: Strangles
  21. 24 Minutes: Jack Bauer
  22. You Kent Always Say What You Want: Newshound

Season 19

  1. He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs: Colby Krause
  2. The Homer of Seville: Julia
  3. Midnight Towboy: Louie (Midnight Towboy)
  4. I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings: Dwight Diddlehopper
  5. Treehouse of Horror XVIII: None
  6. Little Orphan Millie: Norbert Van Houten
  7. Husbands and Knives: Milo
  8. Funeral for a Fiend: Robert Terwilliger, Sr. and Dame Judith Underdunk
  9. Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind: Forget-Me-Shot
  10. E. Pluribus Wiggum: Candidate Ralph Wiggum
  11. That '90s Show: Stefane August
  12. Love, Springfieldian Style: None
  13. The Debarted: Donny (The Debarted)
  14. Dial "N" for Nerder: Betsy Bidwell
  15. Smoke on the Daughter: Chazz Busby
  16. Papa Don't Leech: Royce Lumpkin
  17. Apocalypse Cow: Mary Spuckler
  18. Any Given Sundance: Sundance Film Festival Board Member
  19. Mona Leaves-a: Secret Missile Silo Soldier
  20. All About Lisa: Kissing Lincolns Coin

Season 20

  1. Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes: Patrick Farally
  2. Lost Verizon: The Warrior Statue
  3. Double, Double, Boy in Trouble: Simon Woosterfield
  4. Treehouse of Horror XIX: None
  5. Dangerous Curves: Alberto
  6. Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words: The Avenging Antiques
  7. Mypods and Boomsticks: Steve Mobbs
  8. The Burns and the Bees: Muk Mu
  9. Lisa the Drama Queen: Juliet Hobbes
  10. Take My Life, Please: Vance Connor
  11. How the Test Was Won: Mr. Becker
  12. No Loan Again, Naturally: Nat and Nancy Gladness
  13. Gone Maggie Gone: Mother Superior
  14. In the Name of the Grandfather: Tom O'Flanagan
  15. Wedding for Disaster: The Parson
  16. Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe: Maya
  17. The Good, the Sad and the Drugly: Jenny
  18. Father Knows Worst: Soccer Mom/Helicopter Parent
  19. Waverly Hills, 9-0-2-1-D'oh: Alaska Nebraska
  20. Four Great Women and a Manicure: None
  21. Coming to Homerica: Inga