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  • When this episode first aired, the scene of Bart using book pages for the sacred wedding fire originally had Bart tearing out pages from The Bible. Mike Scully (and a few viewers) found that to be offensive, so all reruns (including the DVD version) replaced it with a scene where Bart is ripping pages from a hymn book for the fire. Ironically, the censors allowed Homer to burn a Bible in "Dial 'D' for Diddly," though the main difference is that the Bible wasn't a real one (it was a radio Homer was using to force Flanders to kill his enemies).

Cultural References

  • The Foreigner song "Hot Blooded" plays over Apu's bachelor binge, and he dances in a manner similar to Riverdance.
  • In the wedding procession, Apu is seen on a howdah, a covered pavilion on the back of an elephant or camel.
  • An accurate Indian translation of The Carpenters' song "(They Long to Be) Close to You" is sung at the wedding. An Indian vocal group was hired to sing, while Alf Clausen wrote the instrumental part.
  • The scene where Moe walks on and off the stage without breaking his stride was loosely based on a moment that occurred during a stand up show of comedian Red Foxx. During a show in Las Vegas, Foxx came on stage to the Sanford and Son theme song, only to find that there were very few people in the audience. Foxx reacted furiously refusing to do a show with such a small audience and walked off. The house orchestra, puzzled by Foxx's leave simply played him off with the Sanford and Son theme song again.


  • The events of Apu's wedding were later referenced in the beginning of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge, where Bart when convincing Marge to host Otto and Becky's wedding at their house points out that they still have the decorations left over from Apu's wedding, including the groom's elephant, which Marge makes Homer get rid of as a condition to allowing the wedding to occur.


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