The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants
The Ten-Per-Cent Solution
Holidays of Future Passed
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(Krusty is crying in a ball pit after being fired and Bart and Lisa appear)
Krusty: Fate is so cruel! This morning I was a star with a top agent. Now I'm strung out in a ball pit! (sobbing) Go away! No kid should ever see his hero sunk so low!
Lisa: Well you're not exactly my hero. I see you as more of a cautionary tale.
Krusty: What?! I'll show you who's just a cautionary tale! (He sinking down in the ball pit) I'll show everybody! (He floats back up stomach down like a floating corpse)

Krusty: A new agent? I better freshen up. (He jumps in the ball pit and pretends it's water and washes himself with them). (singing) Ya da too, ya da do. Also better get back on those Anti-psychotic meds.

Krusty: Hold on you want me to do my kids show for adults? They're going to want F-bombs and all I can give 'em is ta-tas and ca-cas.

Homer: Is there a place for a fat man like me on today's TV?
Annie Dubinsky: Could you play a bloated corpse on CSI Miami?
Homer: Observe.(He falls down and pretends to be a corpse)
Anne Dubinsky: Wow, that's good bloat work.
Bart: He always comes back really religious.

Marge: This is the part where I get the kids out of the room.
Anne Dubinsky: Oh, grow up. Todays kids are less sensitive than an army condom. They see more on TV than my mother on her wedding night and they don't go complaining about it for 50 years.

(Flashback in the '60's showing Krusty doing comedy)
Younger Krusty: This is a scary world. They build the A-Bomb and skip right to the H-bomb. These geniuses can blow up the planet, but the forgot to spell the alphabet.

Network executive: Today's kids are uncomfortable with a clown whose every reference they have to look up on Wikipedia.
Krusty: Wikipedia? Twitter? Who names these things? Percy Dovetonsils? Get it? Come on he was on Ernie Couax with the Smoking Jacket?

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