The State Lottery is the largest lottery in Springfield's State. It's slogan is The State Lottery, where everybody wins!.

The State Lottery on TV

Springfield State Lottery drawings have always been televised live by Springfield's public service broadcaster, Channel 6. Kent Brockman announces the draw every week on the Channel 6 News' night-time news bulletin. The draw is aired live during the news.

Notable jackpots

Date Jackpot

Winning Numbers

Winner Notes
8 March 1992 $130,000,000


Kent Brockman

Ticket sales were massive all across Springfield. In fact, every copy of Shirley Jackson's The Lottery were sold out at the Springfield Public Library.

15 March 1992 $40,000 3-6-17-18-22-29 Marge Simpson If it wasn't for the dog, she would have actually won.
? $50,000


Lenny Leonard This ticket was originally going to be purchased by Homer, but because of Bart's idea of jumping of a shelf, Homer had to leave and this ticket was bought by Lenny.
31 January 2010 $1,000,000 1-6-17-22-24-35 Homer Simpson Homer chose the number on his fortune cookie