This article is about the building. For the newspaper, see The Springfield Shopper.

The Springfield Shopper Building is a headquarters of the most popular and most dominant local newspaper in Springfield, The Springfield Shopper.


When Homer took Bart, Lisa and Nelson on a trip to The Springfield Shopper headquarters, but wandered off on his own when he smelled food. He ended up at the newspaper food critic's retirement party where he ate food and sang about it. The Lifeways Editor was so impressed he hired Homer to be a food critic. Homer started by writing an example review on the typewriter, but it was terrible. Lisa decided to help him and rewrote Homer's review on her computer.

When Abe started meeting Marshall Goldman who listened to his weird stories and publishing them in the newspaper, Homer became jealous and decided to write an article of stories from Mr. Burns. He then headed to the newspaper office to submit his work. While the secretary went to "approve" his article (which she really just shredded), Homer walked into Marshall Goldman's office. He discovered an article that would win him a Pulitzer Prize, which was a story of Grampa dying. Homer realized that Marshall wanted to kill Grandpa so he could win a Pulitzer Prize. Homer then ran to stop him.