'Round Springfield
The Springfield Connection
Lemon of Troy
Homer: Marge! (Homer is pulled into the treehouse by Herman, Marge pursues)
Bart and Lisa: (watching from the window) Go get him mom!
Marge: Go back to bed! Don't make me come up there. (They groan, turn the light off, but continue to watch)
Herman: Looks like your wife is embarking up the wrong tree. (aims gun at entrance)
Marge: Freeze! Every mother knows the secret entrance to her son's treehouse. (knocks Herman over, disarming him)
Homer: Oh, Marge, you saved my life! I'm sorry I teased you. You are a really good cop. I'm proud of you.
Herman: So long, gotta catch the 5:01. (Uses counterfeit jeans to slide down a rope)
Homer: He's getting away, you blew it Marge.
Marge: I don't think so. (the jeans rip)
Herman: Oh, foiled by my own shoddy merchandise!

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