The Social Dretwork is a comic in issue #190 of The Simpsons Comics.


Bart's FacePlace (Obvious parody of Facebook) account has been hacked, by someone who hates him! So he teams up with the nerds to bring him down.


Bart executes a skateboard move that he dubs 'Triple Moebius Strip.' Milhouse, films a video of it, that will double Bart's popularity, and possibly increase his own popularity by .03%. Milhouse asks for Bart's FacePlace, but he denies it. He uploads it himself and get's 10,473 likes & 1 dislike, puzzling Bart into thinking there's this one person who always dislikes Bart's posts. The next morning, Bart get's praised by the others, prompting him to sit with them, Bart sit's with Milhouse, meanwhile, somebody at Springfield prison is trying to figure out Bart's password, Sideshow Bob. Bart uploads a video of someone throwing a pie at Skinner, at a school play, Lisa fails her act, because Ralph, who is holding her rope, turns to play with a butterfly. Bart and Lisa concern about that person who keeps on disliking (Sideshow Bob). Bart tries to log in to his FacePlace account, but fails, the next morning everybody hates Bart, that meant Bob figured out his password (Password: mine). However, Martin, Database and Wendell seem to like him, and want him to sit with them, but rejects. Everybody starts attacking Bart, the nerds are obvious that someone has hacked Bart's account. Mr. Teeny logs into Bart's account, showing a picture of an ugly Marge. Bart asks the nerds to help him, leading to an accept. Sideshow Bob's plan is to get Bart's family to hate him, Bart will run away from home starting a life of crime, and when he is arrested, get's killed by Bob. The nerds find out that Bob hacked Bart's account, and Bart want's them to help stopping Bob, since the damage done to his reputation is reaching critical (the other kids have started a lottery to see who get's to beat him up). Sideshow Bob get's attacked by a female Police officer who want's to kiss him, starting a fight between Bob and the officers, he is defeated, and Bart posts the video to FacePlace, regaiing his popularity. But he hasn't dealt with the nerds, who have planted an 'Easter Egg' on Bart's account.