The Snub Club is a party hall that celebrities go to. It is across the road from Moe's Tavern.


After Homer stops taking pictures of the celebrities, they all have a celebration here. Rainier Wolfcastle says without Homer in the way, they can go back to their normal lives. A waiter asks him if he wants a stem-self fahita, and he tells her to leave the tray. Across the road, in Moe's Tavern, Homer is sad because they're on top of the world while he's sitting here pretending he has a stool, all because of a bunch of stuff that happened. Lenny and Carl tell him not to give up, but he threw away his camera. Moe says he can use his camera as he was going to use it to take secret pictures in the ladies' room, but no women ever come in here. Homer thanks Moe and leaves, and just then two women (1 and 2) come in, and ask if there is a ladies room. Moe then break a beer bottle in anger.

Inside The Snub Club, Krusty make a drink out of money, and spits it out in digust. He says to a chef "you call this a drink?!" but he says he never called it a drink. Homer then burts in, an Rainier Wolfcastle tells the celebrities to hide their shame. Homer takes photos of various celebrities, and all of them are disappointed. Rainier asks what he's going to do with the photos, but he says nothing, providing the celebrities do something for him. He wants them to show some respect for the people who made them who they are; sign an autograph or two; support a charity for something that hasn't happened to a member of your family; let one of us regular guys write a terrible children's book. Rainier says they will take the deal, and as a sign of faith he invites Homer and his family to a barbercue on his offshore party platform.

The Snub Club recently appeared in The Simpsons: Tapped Out during the Homerpalooza 2017 event as a premium building that costs 65 donuts and was in the store from August 21 to August 29.