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The Slaughterhouse is a barn-themed steakhouse that operates in Springfield. The interior is decorated with hanging steer carcasses and a fountain of blood, and customers choose a cow for their steak which is slaughtered right in front of them. Everything on the menu contains meat and the menu itself is a whole chicken pounded flat.

The largest steak on the menu is 72 oz., but a 16lb steak called Sir Loins-A-Lot is available on special request. Only two people have eaten it successfully: Red Barclay and Tony Randall.

The restaurant is controversial amongst vegetarians for its overly pro-meat attitude and a group (including Lisa Simpson) were scheduled to protest.


Homer met Red Barclay there and challenged Red to a beef-eating contest. Red won but suddenly died of beef poisoning, leaving behind a truckload of artichokes and migrant workers to be delivered to Atlanta. As Homer overheard two other truckers talking about Red, he decided to drive Red's truck to Atlanta.


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