The Slaughterhouse is a barn-themed steakhouse that operates in Springfield. The interior is decorated with hanging steer carcasses and a fountain of blood, and customers choose a cow for their steak which is slaughtered right in front of them. Everything on the menu contains meat and the menu itself is a whole chicken pounded flat. It also featured a neon sign that depicted a cowboy graphically decapitating a steer with a chainsaw.

The largest steak on the menu is 72 oz., but a 16 lb. steak called Sir Loin-A-Lot is available on special request. Only two people have eaten it successfully: Red Barclay and Tony Randall.

The restaurant is controversial amongst vegetarians for its overly pro-meat attitude and a group (including Lisa Simpson) were scheduled to protest. Aside from this, it is also implied that it may have had poor preparation of food, as Red Barclay had died from beef poisoning and Dr. Hibbert (who previously stated he had stock on that restaurant) assuring everyone it was from "a different meat restaurant."


Homer met Red Barclay there and challenged Red to a beef-eating contest. Red won but suddenly died of beef poisoning, leaving behind a truckload of artichokes and migrant workers to be delivered to Atlanta. As Homer overheard two other truckers talking about Red, he decided to drive Red's truck to Atlanta.