The Simpsons Trivia Box is a trivia game released in 2012.


3+ Player Game

To play a normal game you need to have 3+ players. Make a pile for the question cards and the picture cards. Choose 1 person to be the reader. This person is the reader for the round. They pick up a question card and pick one of the two questions displayed. They can ask anyone who is playing the question. If the person answers the question incorrectly they are out of the round. If they answer the question correctly the reader is out of the round and they become the new reader for that round. The reader than picks up another question card and asks another person. The round ends when there is only one person left. The winner of the round may take 1 picture card from the pile. The winner of the round is also the reader for the next round. There are also 'Steal' Cards. When the reader asks a person a question on a steal card and the person answers incorrectly, the reader gets to take a picture card from them. If they answer correctly then the reader is out of the round and they get to take a picture card from them. They also become the reader. If the person you ask doesn't have a picture card it acts like a normal question card. The game ends when someone has 4 picture cards.

2 Player Game

If you are playing with two players you play differently to a normal game. All rules are the same except that you can only win a picture card if you are the reader. So if the other person answers the question correctly he doesn't get a picture card, but he becomes the reader for the next round. The first person up to 7 picture cards is the winner.

What You Get:

1x Double Sided Rule Card

189x Question Cards (378 Questions Total)

20x Picture Cards 
Krusty Picture Card

Example of a Picture Card