Simpson's Soccer - Arcade Soccer Redemption - IAAPA 201200:56

Simpson's Soccer - Arcade Soccer Redemption - IAAPA 2012

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The game licenses one of the most widely known characters worldwide and couples it with the world's most popular sport.A real soccer ball kicking game enhanced with video of "The Simpsons™", one of the most recognizable characters on the planet!The Simpsons Soccer Game comes with a bright 32" HD LCD Monitor that shows crisp, clear and sharp "The Simpsons™" graphics and character sounds.

In "The Simpsons Soccer", players try to kick the soccer ball past Homer as many times as they can, within the time allowed on the highly visible overhead scoring display that also shows the countdown play clock, in order to score bog points and win big tickets.  Category: Redemption | Redemption - Sports - Redemption Soccer Dimensions: Height: 104", Width: 44", Depth: 120" Weight: 580lbs Price: $8875.00 Condition: Excellent Manufacturer: Coastal Amusements