The Simpsons Guy

References to the Shows

  • The concept of Homer accusing Peter of his beer from his show, Pawtucket Patriot Ale, ripping off Duff Beer, the beer from his show, was a reference to how many people have accused Family Guy of ripping off The Simpsons.
  • During the fight scene, Peter and Homer are seen jumping over the Springfield Gorge. Peter shouts "We're gonna make it" to which Homer retorts "Trust me, we're not". This references Homer jumping the gorge in "Bart the Daredevil" and Homer and Bart's near-failed jump over the same gorge in The Simpsons Movie.
  • When Peter and Homer are done fighting and walk away, Comic Book Guy show up and say it was the worst chicken fight ever, which is a running gag in Family Guy when Peter fights Ernie the Giant Chicken.
  • During the fight scene, Homer attacks Peter by throwing Emmy Award trophies at him, which makes Peter reply "Hey, that's no fair, I don't got none of them!" a jab at Family Guy never winning Emmys.
  • At the end of the episode, Stewie says that Bart sounds like a girl, referencing that he is voiced by Nancy Cartwright, who is in fact, is female.
  • Bart tells Stewie that he has been bullied by Nelson for 24 years, however this is not true because the show premiered in 1989, and the episode aired towards the end of 2014, which means that the show would have been running for 25 years at the time. This error is not corrected in reruns.
  • After the fight, Peter tells Homer, "I just wanted to make you laugh and cry. I'm a Family Guy." This is a take on the lyrics from the Family Guy theme song.
  • While entering the courthouse, Peter says that he's tired because they "usually do these things for half an hour", a reference about this episode having one hour of duration (43 minutes long without the commercials), the double length of a normal Family Guy episode.
  • The The Simpsons and Family Guy court pairings.

Cultural References

  • The song "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard plays during the car wash scene.
  • In the fantasy scene, it shows Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers in the plane with Homer and Peter. Peter says that they have to carry him because he can't do well on his own, referencing to the fact that Family Guy is the only reason people watch Bob's Burgers.
    • Cleveland Brown from The Cleveland Show was then seen in a crashing plane, referencing to how when Family Guy let Cleveland go to make his own spin-off series, the show was cancelled after only four seasons.
  • The aliens Kang and Kodos from the Treehouse of Horror series (and various episodes outside the Treehouse of Horror series) appear along with Roger Smith, the alien from American Dad!.


  • Harry Shearer was reportedly unavailable for this episode, so his characters have no dialogue, except for Lenny Leonard, who's two lines, a sigh and not so much, was proved by Seth Green.
  • The chalkboard gag stating "Spoiler alert: Unfortunately, my dad doesn't die" during the opening of The Simpsons' Season 26 premiere "Clown in the Dumps" is a reference to Homer getting crushed by Kodos and Kang's spaceship.
  • This crossover is possibly praised with positive reviews by fans of The Simpsons fans and Family Guy fans.
  • Even though this Family Guy takes place in its thirteenth season, but for The Simpsons, it takes place in its twenty-sixth season after Clown in the Dumps was released on September 28, 2014, which this episode was released on the same day as this crossover with Family Guy.
  • It is unknown where all the blood came from when Homer was lying unconscious under the spaceship after it fell on him when the fight was coming to an end. Additionally, it is never explained how he survived being squashed so gruesomely and getting back up seeming like nothing happened at all. Usually, when a character is crushed gruesomely on both The Simpsons and Family Guy, they either pass away or get fixed at the hospital.
  • Stewie uses Bart's catchphrase "Eat My Shorts!" to Nelson, forcing him to eat his shorts while torturing Bart's tormentor.
  • Seth MacFarlane and Matt Groening were seen in the very back of the courtroom in the courtroom scene.
  • This is the only The Simpsons episode to use the Family Guy intro since this is a crossover with Family Guy, and is an episode of said show.
  • Family Guy's sixteenth season premiere, "Emmy-Winning Episode", references this episode, with Lois saying she doesn't want to do another Simpsons crossover, adding that it brought nothing but more ink for the Simpsons.