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The Simpsons Forever! is an episode guide book which covers Season 9 and 10. It is the second installment of The Simpsons Forever! series coming after The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family. It was published by HarperCollins on December 1999.

Errors in The Simpsons Forever!


  • On the fifty-second page, the book claims that When You Dish Upon a Star was first aired on November 8, 1999, rather than November 8, 1998, the correct first airdate. This was fixed in the eighth printing.

Chalkboard gags

  • In page thirty-four, the chalkboard gag for Simpson Tide is said to state; "My butt does not deserve its own website" rather than "My butt does not deserve a website". This was corrected in the eighth version of the book.
  • In page thirty-eight, the guide forgets to state Trash of the Titans's chalkboard gag. This is corrected in the eighth print of the book.


  • In page 12, the "real" Principal Skinner's uniform is stated to be olive green, rather than dark green.


  • The episode number (5F05) for Lisa the Skeptic is missing. This has been corrected in the eighth edition.
  • In "The Stuff You May Have Missed" section on page twenty-four, Homer the Great's episode number is called 1F09, rather than the correct 2F09. This was fixed in the eighth reprint.
  • In "The Stuff You May Have Missed" section on page twenty-five, it says that in Bart Carny, Krusty is squirted in the face by Bart. It is actually Lisa who did it to Bart. This was fixed in the eighth reprint.
  • In "The Stuff You May Have Missed" section on page forty one and forty eight, the episode The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson is called The People of New York vs. Homer Simpson. The eighth edition fixed this mistake on the forty-first page, but not the forty-eighth.

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