This page is on the design of the simpsons changed over the years of 1987-1992, if you have any thing to put in DO IT! :D

1987-1989 (The Shorts)

In The original version of the simpsons, Homer looked like he had more hair, same with bart, lisa seemed more like bart than smart, Marge was kinda the simpsons, and all of the simpsons had very small eyes, maggie looked like the futuristic maggie from "Lisa's Wedding", with her hair linda down!

1989-1991 (Season 1 Episode 1-Season 2 Episode 22

Homer had less hair, and all of the simpsons charactors had bigger eyes, Marge's hair was bigger, andlisa & maggies hair was more triangle-ish, (shapes of each hair), also barts hair was the same too!

1991 (Season 3 Episode 1-Episode 11)

This differance, was Homer's voice was changing during the time for 11 episodes!

1991-1992 (Season 3 Episode 12-Season 4 Episode 10

Starting with "I Married Marge" the eyes were bigger and puples were larger, and Homer's voice changed after long development, all the way to the present into season 4's "Lisa's First Word" This feature only existed for about 22 Episodes.