The Simpsons Annual 1992, fully named "The Simpsons Annual 1992 in Mind-Bending, Knee-Slapping, Eye-Popping 3D" was a one-off Simpsons annual released in 1992. The next annual was released 16 years later. The annual is very rare now.

The entire contents of the annual, including paid advertisements, are presented in 3D. Two pairs of 3D glasses were included.


  • Dr. Bart Explains 3-D 2U
  • Readers' Art (taken from Simpsons Illustrated submissions)
  • 3-D Cover
  • Pullout
  • Simpsons cartoon
  • Itchy & Scratchy cartoon
  • Maggie cartoon
  • Bart's Dream House
  • Arnold
  • More Cartoons
  • Itchy & Scratchy's Top 40
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