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Scene it

The Simpsons: Scene It? is a Simpson-ized Scene It? board game.


You can play the game with the board game or without. The game is 13+ on age and is 1-8 players. You have a selection of choices, All Play, My Play and such. It has over 5000 questions for each of the categories.


The categories are each of the following:

Scene it 2

All Play: A category where everyone that's playing can answer it first. If they do, they move how many points the dice told them to.

My Play: A category just for the person who rolled My Play. Nearly the same as All Play.

Final Cut: If your on the rings numbered 1, 2 and 3, you do the special question on the category.

Tiebreakers: If one person has drawn and an other person has drawn with the other, you press Tiebreakers and a various question will come up.

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