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The Simpsons: Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror is a platforming video game. It was developed by Software Creations, who are also responsible for developing Bart & the Beanstalk, and released by THQ on March 26, 2001. The game features seven levels, each based around sequences from the Treehouse of Horror episodes.


The game is a side-scrolling platformer. It features seven levels, and all of the Simpson family are playable.


Bart Simpson must rescue Santa's Little Helper from a haunted house.

Maggie Simpson has been turned into a fly, and the player must guide her to the other transporter in order to get her body back.

Everyone in Springfield has been turned into flesh-eating zombies, and Marge Simpson must make it home to save her family from them.

Mr. Burns has become a vampire, so Homer Simpson must find the coffin in Burns' basement in order to expunge him.

Mr. Burns has built a robot using Homer as its head. He has hidden the rest of Homer's body parts throughout the nuclear plant. It's up to robot Homer to find these body parts before angry employees destroy him.

Principal Skinner is planning to cook the students at Springfield Elementary. Lisa Simpson must free all the children before Skinner can cook and eat them.

  • King Homer (based on the segment of the same name from Treehouse of Horror III)

King Homer would like to find Marge Simpson, but he is being restrained. He must find her before time runs out.