The Simpsons: Hit and Run - Level 3
Level 4
The Simpsons: Hit and Run - Level 5
The Level Is Revealed Back At Evergreen Terrace For The Second Time.

This Level Along With The Third Are The Only Levels Where Homer Doesn't Have a Story Role In The Level, He Appears As The Driver Though,He Also Appears At The Kitchen Eating Slices Of Cheese Whilst You're In The Simpsons' House.

This Is The Only Level Where Hans Moleman Has a Story Role.

This Is Also The First Level Where Lisa Appears As The Driver Of Her Cars,Since She Doesn't Make a Story Role.

This Is The Only Level Where The Player Can Go Through Mr. Burns' Mansion.

This Is Also The Last Level Where The Player Could Go Into The Rich Part, Cause It Is Shut Down In Level 7.

This Level Also Marks The Last Appearances Of Marge and Groundskeeper Willie To Date In The Game,But Willie Is Seen In Level 6 and 7 As a Cameo.

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