The Simpsons: Hit and Run - Level 2
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The Simpsons: Hit and Run - Level 4



  1. Angel Skeleton ("Lisa the Skeptic"), On top of Android Dungeon and Baseball Card store.
  2. Bart's Soul ("Bart Sells His Soul"), On top of Barney's Bowlarama. (Use the third beam near the pinmaker machine and the curving down part of the beam face the card and double jump to it)
  3. Lisa Lionheart ("Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy"), At the top of light house.
  4. Lisa's Valentine ("I Love Lisa"), On the C-Spanker (Ship).
  5. Lisa's Machine ("The PTA Disbands"), In the back of Krustylu Studios. Follow the coins in the Krusty Show set.
  6. Evil Braces ("Last Exit to Springfield"), At the Dam.
  7. Soy Pop ("Lisa's Wedding"), On the side of the broken bridge near the Dam.


  1. On top of Android Dungeon and Baseball Card store
  2. Go down the well at Kamp Krusty to find one
  3. Is at the Ye olde Off-ramp Inn
  4. On the outside of the Observatory
  5. At the beach area near the C-Spanker
  6. At the LightHouse
  7. On top of Planet Hype building
  8. On top of Barney's Bowlarama
  9. & 12. At the Dam (look for broken railing at Dam)
  10. & 14. At Kamp Krusty
  11. & 16. In Krustylu Studios
  12. & 17. & 18. On the C-Spanker
  13. & 19. & 20. At the Duff Brewery


  1. Dumpster across the street from the Krusty Burger.
  2. The ball drop at Wall E. Weasel's.
  3. Radioactive Man cutout in Android's Dungeon.
  4. Robot with a knife in Android's Dungeon.
  5. Telescope at the Observatory.
  6. The matter transporter in the Observatory.
  7. The alarm in the Observatory.
  8. The motion machine in the Observatory.
  9. Flag at Kamp Krusty.
  10. The boar's head at Kamp Krusty.
  11. The crane on the ship.

Race locations

  1. Wager Race: At the Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn.
  2. Circuit Race: At the Gas Station
  3. Time Trial Race: Near the C-Spanker ship in Squidport.
  4. Checkpoint Race: Near the Duff Brewery.

Other Things

  • The Androids Dungeon: inside the shop, something would happen inside and outside the shop.
  1. Groundskeeper Willie yelling at a pig startling it.
  2. Otto playing with a mine remote control race course.
  • The Observatory: inside the observatory something would happen outside
  1. Jimbo and Kearney dangling Milhouse off a cliff.
  2. Ralph sitting on the floor eating glue.
  3. Groundskeeper Willie climbing up the cliff with a pig and then jumping off.
  4. Bumblebee man running with a lobster on his nose.
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