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  • The mission title "Detention Deficit Disorder" is a reference to the medical condition, Attention deficit disorder.
  • The mission title "Vox Nerduli" is a reference to Vox Populi, which is Latin for "voice of the people".
  • The mission title "Monkey See, Monkey D'oh" is a reference to the common phrase "Monkey See, Monkey Do".
  • The mission title "Cell-Outs" references the term "sellout", meaning someone who betrays their affiliates/friends and then helps their adversaries

This Is The First Level Where Bart Has a Story Role Since He Appears As One Of The Racers In Level 1.

This Is The Only Level Where Ralph and Jimbo Have Story Roles.

This Level Marks The Only Appearance Of Herman (Even Through He's Only Seen On The Bart' n' Frink Tip Page),and The First Appearances Of Snake, Chief Wiggum, Kearney, Otto Mann, Comic Book Guy,Professor Frink, Jimbo, Dr.Nick,,Eddie,Jasper,Lou,Bumblebee Man and Squeaky-Voiced Teen To Date In The Game, It Is Also The First Level Where Moe Has a Story Role, Since He Is Only Seen At His House In Level 1.

This Is The Last Level To Be Featured In Daytime.


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