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Hit and Run Race

Homer participating in Nelson's race

In every level, Milhouse, Nelson and Ralph are available for races organized by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Milhouse's race is timed: the character must complete all the laps of a course before time runs out. Nelson's is a circuit race: the character must complete all laps of a circuit competing against other 3 racers. Ralph's is a checkpoint race: the character must drive through all checkpoints and get to the end of the track competing against other racers. When the three races are completed, the player earns a car.

  • Milhouse: at the run down area.
  • Nelson: at a gas station in the higher class area.
  • Ralph: at the church.

In this level, for successfully completing all races, the reward is the Elec-Taurus (from "Beyond Blunderdome")

NOTE:That The Racers In The Game Are a School Bus,a Minivan and Bart In His Honor Roller.


Every level has seven cards in a random place. When one is collected, it is added to the card collection. Each card has a name and an object from an episode. When all of the cards in a level are collected, a track for the race mini-game is unlocked. These are the cards for this level:

Wasp cameras

Twenty wasp cameras are flying in every level and must be destroyed. They attack by shooting lasers to the player, which makes him lose some coins. In this level, the was cameras are not so hostile since they shoot one laser at a time, recharge slowly and can be easily destroyed by jumping and kicking them.

  • Far left side of Ned Flanders ' garden.
  • In the Simpsons' neighbour's garden on the right side (Not in Ned Flanders garden).
  • Continuing from the previous garden should be a hedge with play equipment on the other-side. A wasp should spawn above the elevated side of the seesaw.
  • Facing away from the Simpsons' house , turn right and drive up the street. There will be a blue house (presumably Chief Wiggum 's house) with its side gate open; a wasp should spawn near the center of the garden.
  • On the bronze coloured bridge , below the "Power Plant" sign should be a set of platforms on the far right steel beam. Climbing to the top should spawn a wasp.
  • Continuing fom the top of the bridge: cross to the other side using the criss-crossed beams, and move towards the opposite end of the bridge; this should spawn another wasp.
  • Right side of the trailer-park when driving from Cletus' s house (or the bronze bridge).
  • On top of the second trailer, on the right side when entering the trailer-park from Cletus's house (bronze bridge).
  • On the right side of the barn (near the tire fire) is a small fenced off area. Go in, and the wasp should spawn next to the hay-bales
  • There are two in The Stone Cutters' temple, on top of the pedestal (you should be able to reach these ones by driving up the steps and hitting them in mid-air).
  • Back door of the Elementary School (in the playground).
  • A wasp should spawn on top of the yellow school bus in the Elementary school playground.
  • Continuing from the previous, an air vent should be present to the left of the back-door. Use it to get to the roof, and a wasp should spawn as soon as you land.
  • Continuing again from the previous; make your way to the top right corner of the building, (facing outwards from the School) and you should be able to jump around the corner, directly onto a window-ledge. Follow these ledges around, until you reach the other side of the building. Now make sure you don't touch the air vents on this side, as they will send you flying off of the roof, and you'll have to start again. Instead, hug the wall, jump over the vent on the far laft side, (right next to the wall) make your way to the top right corner of the school, and a wasp should spawn here.
  • When exiting the Elementary School on the right side, there should be a ramp straight ahead. Don't use it. Instead, there should be a tower on the left side; climb it, and a wasp should spawn on top.
  • Next to the rocket car (continue over the ramp and follow the road all the way around until you see it.)
  • (Using the parked Duff truck) A wasp should spawn on top of the Kwik-E-Mart roof garden.
  • Around the left side of the Kwik-E-Mart should be a Lard Lad billboard. Use this to climb on to the roof, move towards, then use the air vent to get onto the gas-station roof and a wasp should spawn here.
  • On top of the "Lard Lad" doughnut shop. (A vent should be around the back to help you onto the roof.)

I reccomend combing these bullet-points with this video-tutorial l.


In every level there are gags that must be done. These happen by touching them, which makes them do something. These are the gags in this level:

  • Swing, at the Simpsons' garden, it falls apart when touched.
  • Barbecue grill, at the Simpsons' garden, it burns when turned on.
  • Tiki statue (from "Days of Wine and D'oh'ses"), at the Simpsons' garden, it throws fire.
  • Television, inside the Simpsons' house, Kent Brockman's voice is heard when turned on.
  • Flanders' shelter (from "Bart's Comet"), at Flander's garden, Todd's voice is heard when the door is opened.
  • Swing, at the square near the Simpsons' house, it falls apart when touched.
  • Jasper's fridge (from "Lisa the Simpson"), at the Kwik-E-Mart, Jasper says something when approached.
  • Silence alarm (from "Bart Gets Famous"), at the Kwik-E-Mart, it sounds an alarm when activated.
  • Squishee machine, at the Kwik-E-Mart, it launches Squishee when turned on.
  • ATM Machine, at the Kwik-E-Mart, it launches bills when activated.
  • Larry the Looter arcade machine, at the Kwik-E-Mart, it shows the screen when played.
  • Fire alarm, at the school, it sounds an alarm when activated.
  • Fire extinguisher, at the school, it launches some liquid when pressed.
  • Safety inspector control table, at Homer's workplace, it fills a container with nuclear waste.
  • Nuclear gas tank (from "King-Size Homer"), at the power plant parking lot, it throws gas when activated.


In every level there are some shirt-like icons. These are places where clothes can be bought. These are the costumes for this level:

  • Homer-Casual: Homer in underwear.
  • Homer-Chosen One: from "Homer the Great", Homer in his Stonecutter clothes.
  • Homer-Muumuu: from "King-Size Homer", a fat Homer in his flower dress.


There are several vehicles in every level, one of which is the main, one is the hidden one, some have to be purchased, some have to be earned and some going in the streets. These are the vehicles in this level.

  • Pink Sedan: the main car of the level.
  • Duff Truck: purchased from Gil.
  • Surveillance Van: the pizza vans were thought to be spying the town, also can be purchased from Gil.
  • Elec-Taurus: earned for completing the three races.
  • Cletus' pickup truck: earned for completing the bonus mission.
  • Plow King: purchased from Barney: from Mr. Plow
  • Krusty glasses car: some glasses with Krusty and a Buzz Cola can are in the town. Some cars can be seen transporting these glasses.
  • Civilian cars: on the streets.
  • Rocket car: from "The Day the Violence Died", Chester Lampwick's rocket car. It is a hidden car in his mansion and one of the fastest.

Other things

Random things happen in every level, usually by approaching some place. These are the random things in the level:

  • Kwik-E-Mart: inside the Kwik-E-Mart, a scenario happens randomly near the bathroom.
  • Springfield Elementary School: inside the school, something may happen in one of the halls.
    • Ralph is sitting on the floor eating glue.
    • Willie steps on a rake and shouts.
    • Mr. Burns and Smithers come out from one of the classrooms transporting a nuclear waste barrel.
    • Ralph puts something in his nose.
    • One of the doors has a bell. When rang, Skinner's voice is heard saying something.
  • Simpsons' house: inside the house, something may happen at the kitchen.
    • Grampa appears and realizes he is lost. He screams and runs.
    • Grampa thinks the dog's plate is a Leprechaun.
    • Grampa asks Maggie where his family is.
    • Maggie drinks water from the dog's plate (like in the episode, Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily)
    • Maggie is hanging and spinning from the ceiling fan.
  • When the doorbell of Mayor Quimby's mansion is rang, his voice is heard.
  • When the bell of Lard Lad's is rang, Chief Wiggum's voice is heard.
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