Shut Up Simpsons
The Shell Game
The Bart Simpson Show
Marge: Bart!
Bart: (screams)
Marge: Get your hand out of that cookie jar! (Bart's hand out of the jar with a cookie)
Bart: (Marge slaps Bart's hand) Oh, man.
Marge: That jar is off limits, Bart, and if I ever catch you with so much as one cookie...
Bart: Whoa, I'm scared.
Homer: Bart! Lay off those cookies.
(Bart takes several cookies, but Lisa saw him hiding the refrigerator)
Lisa: Mom! Dad! Bart's eating cookies!
Bart: (Bart puts the cookies back to the jar) Whew. (screams)
Marge: What's under that bowl, Bart?
Bart: Nothing.
Homer: Lift up the bowl, boy.
(Bart put two bowls on the table, spinning the bowls while Homer and Marge guess and begins to play shell game)
Homer: That one.
Marge: That one.
Bart: Hey, look over there.
(Homer and Marge looked over, but Bart cheated)
Marge: What?
Bart: Oh, nothing.
Homer: Middle one! Middle one! Huh?
Marge: Oh, well then. I guess he's innocent.
Bart: Huh? (Maggie spins the bowls and Bart guesses) Uh, that one. Uh, that one. Then that one. Hey, where's the cookie?

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