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The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson
The Principal and the Pauper
Lisa's Sax
Edna Krabappel: Oh, Superintendent Chalmers! Can I offer you a cup of coffee-flavored Bevering?
Superintendent Chalmers: Yeah, I take it gray with Cremium. But first, before Skinner shows up, I have a secret announcement. In honor of Seymour's twentieth year as principal, we've decided to hold a surprise tribute Friday night.
Willie: It's my twentieth year, too.
Chalmers: [rolling his eyes] The teachers' lounge is for teachers, Willie.

Lisa: Ralph and I could do the report together.
Miss Hoover: It's your funeral.

Lisa: So, in 1966, a brave young man named Seymour Skinner enlisted and shipped out to Vietnam where he rose to become platoon sergeant. Ralph?
Ralph: Principal Skinner is an old man who lives at the school. Lisa?
Lisa: Sergeant Skinner was a hero. He risked capture many times behind enemy lines.
Ralph: Teacher made me go to Principal Skinner's office when I was dirty.
Lisa: And, he survived to make it back to Springfield, where he became the fine educator we salute tonight.
Ralph: When I grow up, I want to be a principal or a caterpillar. I love you, Principal Skinner.

Homer: [In his mind, after Skinner says he's a fraud] Keep looking shocked... and move slowly towards the cake.

Skinner/Armin: My real name is... Armin Tamzarian!
[Bart laughs]

Skinner/Armin: They gave me a choice — jail, the army, or apologizing to the judge and the old lady. Now of course, if I knew there was a war going on, I probably would've apologized.

Agnes Skinner: I have no son!
Homer: Look, lady, you obviously have at least one son.
Agnes: No! I have one stranger and one fraud!

Skinner/Armin: So uh, should I sign my original name?
Apu: Just put an "X" and call yourself whatever the hell you want!

Chalmers: Armin Tamzarian's reign of terror is over! Now let us welcome our new principal Skinner... principal Seymour Skinner!... [The audience is confused, he then points to Sgt. Skinner] Uh, him.

Lisa: A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
Bart: Not if you called 'em Stenchblossoms.
Homer: Or Crapweeds.
Marge: I'd sure hate to get a dozen Crapweeds for Valentine's Day. I'd rather have candy.
Homer: Not if they were called Scumdrops.

Edna: Hello ladies, is this the line for people who want to badmouth Sergeant Skinner?
Marge: And have 10 items or less.
Edna: [Tossing out items] 12, 11, 10, the man's a weenie!

Homer: Okay, once more. Where are we going?
Edna: To Capital City.
Homer: And why are you and the old lady in the car?
Agnes: We're gonna talk Armin Tamzarian into coming back.
Homer: And why is Marge here?
Marge: I came up with the idea.
Homer: And why am I here?
Marge: Because the streets of Capital City are no place for three unescorted ladies.
Homer: Why are the kids here?
Marge: Because we couldn't find Grandpa to sit for them.
Homer: And why is Grandpa here?
Abe: Because Jasper didn't want to come by himself!
[Jasper looks at Abe]
Homer: Uh, fair enough.

Skinner/Armin: Well from now on, you're gonna see a new Seymour Skinner!
Agnes: Oh no, we won't!
Skinner/Armin: Yes, Mother.

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