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Cultural references

  • Although the subtitle at the end refuses to admit it, the episode is a parody of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice rock opera Evita. Many of five songs, which appear in this episode, are parodies of this musical. A poster, which Lisa uses in her campaign, resembles a poster from the musical.
  • The reason that they refuse it at the end is because Webber dislikes having his works parodied.
  • Nelson's song as Lisa is led out of the auditorium is sung to the tune of "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath.
  • Lisa is send to school named The Magnet School for the Gifted and Troublesome Kids. The name is a parody on school Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters from the X-Men.
  • When an automat falls on Lenny, he said, "But I break just like a little girl.” It refers to the song “Just Like a Woman” by Bob Dylan.
  • This episode salutes students who protested in May 1968 in France.
  • Martin as a student refers to Richard Nixon.
  • The theme park zombies who talk about "Eating brains" are a reference to the film Return of the Living Dead, where zombies eat only human's brains and not flesh like in other zombie films.


  • Groundskeeper Willie is seen sinking in the pool, but it is stated later in the episode "Pranks and Greens" on that Principal Skinner removed the pool a decade ago.
  • Krusty and Otto were both Springfield Elementary student body presidents.
  • Krusty is shown as one of the past Springfield Elementary student body presidents, when in Like Father, Like Clown he is shown attending Yeshiva school. (Maybe Krusty changed schools.)
  • Krusty had glasses at elementary school.
  • Lisa can't unlock the door to the teachers room, as a key is already in the keyhole on the other side.
  • When the teachers are giving Lisa a make over, Lisa's new bag is on her shoulder from above, but not from the side and front. Her bag disappears from existence within a second.
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