The Plywood Pelican on display.

The Plywood Pelican is an cargo plane designed and flown by Montgomery Burns and later flown by Homer Simpson. The plane has only flown twice, once on its maiden flight where it was found that rain made it catch fire and another time after when the aircraft was used to smuggle cheap drugs in from Canada. The plane made an emergency landing in Springfield Town Square  when the wing separated from the rest of the aircraft during flight, no one was injured but Chief Wiggum was woken from his nap.


The Plywood Pelican crash landing in Springfield Town Square.


The Plywood Pelican is the size of an airliner and has 8 prop engines. The plane is capable of landing on water and flying with only one wing and 4 engines.


  • Homer Simpson could not even manage to move an Airbus A340 from the gate but he had no problem flying the Plywood Pelican and landing it with one wing, something that has never been heard of in aviation.
  • The Plywood Pelican is a parody of the Hughes H-4 Hercules ("Spruce Goose"), a large wooden aircraft built in 1947.