World War III
The Perfect Crime
Scary Stories

Act 1

(Marge comes in with a batch of cookies, while Maggie and Bart are in the kitchen)

Marge: Fresh chocolate chip cookies!

(Bart has a sinister grin on his face and he reaches to take a cookie, but Marge warns him)

Marge: Don't touch those yet! They're very, very hot. (Marge leaves)

Bart: Aha! No one's around. The perfect crime.

(Bart touches a cookie, and his hand turns red because the cookies are still hot)

Bart: Yeow!

Act 2

Marge: I hope I can trust you two not to eat those yummy chocolate chip cookies. (Marge leaves)

Bart: Go on, Maggie. Take a cookie.

(Maggie sucks on her pacifier and shakes her head 'no')

Bart: Aw, come on, man. Don't be a chicken.

(Maggie shakes her head 'no' again)

Bart: Well, if you won't commit the perfect crime, I will. (Bart takes a cookie and Marge comes in)

(Bart screams and throws the cookie up, only for Maggie to catch it in her mouth)

Marge: Very good, Maggie. You prevented Bart from making a mess.

Act 3

Marge: I mean it. Don't even think about touching those scrumptious cookies. (Marge leaves)

Bart: Who's she gonna believe, huh? (Bart starts taking cookies) You, or me? You can't defend yourself. You can't even talk. I'll blame it all on you. (talking to Maggie and starts taking more as he talks) The perfect crime!

(Marge walks in)

Marge: Bart!

Bart: It was her, man! I swear it!

Marge: Oh, Bart.

Act 4

(Homer starts to sniff his nose)

Homer: Do I smell cookies?

(Marge gasps)

Homer: Where's the cookies?

Marge: They're all gone! The whole batch!

Homer: Somebody ate those cookies!

Marge: Did you eat the cookies, Maggie?

(Maggie shakes her head, points to her left, and puts her hair up to look like Bart's hairdo, and her eyes are slanted down as a sinister grin)

Homer: I think she's trying to tell us something.

Marge: Go on, Maggie.

Homer: Go on, Maggie. Go! Go!

(Maggie is pointing her finger as Marge and Homer follow her, and a little rat is seen going into a hole)

(Maggie then finds Bart in his room groaning, and Marge and Homer come in)

Bart: There's no perfect crime! (Bart groans)

(Maggie takes out her pacifier and puts a cookie in her mouth)

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