The Peach Song

The Peach Song is a song sung by Ewell Freestone in the episode "The Great Simpsina". It was written by Matt Warburton.


Ewell Freestone:
Oh, the year's first peach. Is a juicy peach. And he sings a happy tune.
And the year's second peach. Is a grouchy peach. More like a prune.
Now the year's third peach. Is a-
How many verses does this song have?
Ewell Freestone:
I ain't never run out!
Now the year's third peach. Is a God-fearin' peach. Does what the Good Book tells him.
And the year's fourth peach. Is a moldy peach. Shame on the man that sells him.
Now the year's fifth peach. Is a fuzzy peach. Its kisses are quite ticklish.