Babysitting Maggie
The Pacifier
Burp Contest
Lisa: What a little baby you are.
Bart: Don't you have any self-respect?
Lisa: You don't see us going around sucking on pacifiers.
Bart: It's time to grow up, you little runt. [Bart gets her pacifier out, Maggie falls down.]
Maggie: [Maggie walks inside the house, getting a new pacifier then puts her new pacifier in her mouth and sucks on it.]

Bart: What?
Lisa: Another pacifier?
Bart: You are a depraved little infant!
Lisa: We're just trying to help you!
Bart: Yeah. Help you. [Bart gets her pacifier out again and catches it to Lisa. Lisa catches her pacifier to Bart, Bart throws it to Lisa, Lisa throws it to Bart.]
Maggie: [Maggie bites Bart's leg.]
Bart: YOW!

Lisa: Hey Maggie, look!
Bart: [Bart gets her pacifier out for the third time, Bart whispers.] Quick, the hot sauce. [Bart gets the hot sauce, Bart gives the pacifier back to Maggie and puts it in Maggie's mouth.]
Maggie: [The alarm does the blowing, Maggie puts the pacifier in the hot sauce and gets it out and she puts it back in her mouth.]

Bart: You can have your dumb pacifier.
Lisa: See if we care.
Bart: We don't need pacifiers.
Lisa: We're big.
Bart: We watch TV.
Lisa: We're mature.
Maggie: [Maggie takes out two pacifiers and Maggie gives them to Bart and Lisa.]
Bart: What? For us?
Lisa: Are you kidding?
Bart: No way, man!
Lisa: [Lisa puts the pacifier in her mouth.] Not bad.
Bart: [Bart puts the pacifier in his mouth.] Not bad at all. [Bart then puts the pacifier back in his mouth.]

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