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The Nutcracker Sweet (Medley)

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The Nutcracker Sweet (Medley) is the amount of songs that are played in The Nutcracker...Sweet


Homer: I hope I never hear that god-awful nutcracker music again!
Lisa: I don't know, dad. This time of year, everybody does it, 'cause you don't have to pay for the music rights.
Marge: Really? I still gotta bake my christmas pie.
Bart: I gotta get dad a louzy tie.
Cletus: Christmas crowds is what I hate.
Sideshow Mel: No time left to procrastinate.
Lenny: So move your ass.
Carl: And let me pass.
Lenny and Carl: 'Cause christmas eve is here!
Mayor Quimby: Oh, Why is this Santa suit so snug?
Mr. Burns: Why should I care? It's all humbug.
Apu: I've jacked my prices up so high
but there's no junk these saps won't buy
last year's eggnog
a green hot dog
Seymour, Dolph, Jimbo, Kearney, Agnes, Apu and Barney: 'Cause christmas eve is here!
Comic Book Guy: These holiday cookies swell my fat.
Crazy Cat Lady: (mutter) Cat!
Krusty: even though we're not gentile
we'll get together for a while.
Old Jewish Man:  to shoot the breeze.
Hyman: And eat chinese!
Krusty, Old Jewish Man, Hyman, Chinese restaurant costumers: 'Cause christmas eve is here!
Marge: Christmas is a family day
Homer: I told grampa we'd be away.
Lisa: He's at the door.
Bart: Let's hit the floor!
Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa: 'Cause christmas eve is here!
Grandpa: Fine! I'll spend christmas eve with the raccoons.

Marge: Mery christmas, Homie. I think you're really gonna like this.
Homer: That's great. Now I'll just get my present for you, which is... right outside the door. (leaves) Oh my god! I forgot to get Marge a present!
I need a present for my wife
Or I'll have no sex for life
Diamond ring
A vase by ming
some kinda useful kitchen thing!
I need a store I can break into
or a place run by a hindu!
Apu: the christmas rush has cleaned me out
I just have jerky made of trout!