The title of this article is a conjectural. Though the topic is found within The Simpsons universe, a proper name is not available.

The Moe imposter is a man who once replaced Moe at Moe's Tavern.


When Marge was mad at Bart and Lisa at Homer, the two men went to Moe's Tavern to confide Moe with their problem. Moe advised Homer to appeal to Lisa's sense of reason and advised Bart to appeal to Marge's feelings. Homer and Bart were surprised about great advice Moe gave them and Homer asked him what he had done with the real Moe. It was supposed to be a joke, but Homer and Bart didn't know that the real Moe was tied up and gagged in the back room. It is unknown when Moe was replaced and how or if the real Moe defeated him.


  • It is possible that the real Moe never defeated him and the Moe that appears in later episodes is actually the imposter.
  • Moe's video game portrayal was seen earlier in the episode, once when Marge mistook him for a troll and again where he was at the bar, serving The Shadow Knight. It is unknown if this was the real Moe or if the impostor had already taken over.