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The Book Job
The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants
The Ten-Per-Cent Solution
Mr. Burns: You were willing to send me over a waterfall to save your family, but you cut our operating expenses by 6%, so you're forgiven.

Kevin Michael Richardson: (To Julius and Bernice Hibbert) So the car in front of us forgot to validate his (notices Mr. Burns stands beside him) Uh...
Mr. Burns: (giggles) I was in an anecdote once.
Dr. Hibbert: Uh... (look at his watch) I have a surgery in the morning! (leaves with Bernice)
Kevin Michael Richardson: Yeah, and I'm the one having the surgery! (leaves Mr. Burns alone)

Bart: (reading to Lisa) But when the helpful voice was silent, "the daily lesson over, the beloved presence gone, and nothing remained but loneliness and grief, then Jo found her promise very hard to keep.
Lisa: We did it Bart!! (hugs Bart, scaring him) I'm a mentor!!
Bart: Big deal! you taught me to read one book.
Lisa: No, Bart. You can read other books too!
Bart: (surprised) What?

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