I Won't Be Home For Christmas
The Man Who Came to Be Dinner
The Musk Who Fell To Earth
Bart: (In a Rigel 7 prison to Kang and Kodos) Way to go, George Mucus. The fattest, stupidest man on Earth slipped right through your sticky tentacles.
Kodos: Why you little... (Tries to strangle him, but Bart ties his tentacles to the prison cell) What is this baffling construct?
Lisa: It's called "Knot".
Kodos: A "Not" what?
Lisa: Knot, with a "K".
Kodos: "K's" are silent!
Kang: Really? I've been saying "Kitchen"!
Lisa: That's correct.
Kang and Kodos: (confused) Huh?

Homer: What the...? This isn't Halloween!

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