The Longest Daycare couch gag
Body Layers

The Longest Daycare Couch Gag is the first couch gag of season 24. It was used in the episode Moonshine River. It is an allusion to the Simpsons short The Longest Daycare.


The Simpsons Couch is seen in it's normal place with cocoons hatching into butterfly versions of The Simpsons, excluding Maggie. A giant mallet then smashes down, but they all fly out of the way. It is then revealed hat they are actually in the Any Given Daycare Center with Gerald Samson and that he was smashing a dollhouse of The Simpson house. The butterflies fly away and get chased by Gerald through the daycare. They make a run for the exit door which is slowly closing, but then Maggie's passy gets thrown in the way of the door, holding it open for them to escape. Maggie waved goodbye to them, and the butterflies fly off into the sunset.



  • All of the Simpson butterflies had patterns on their wings that matched their personalities. Homer had donuts, Marge has vacuum cleaners, Bart had slingshots, and Lisa had saxophones.