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The Lofts at Springfield Elementary is a future version of Springfield Elementary School that has been changed into a residence. The landlord is Seymour Skinner and Bart Simpson is one of the residents.


At the beginning of "Holidays of Future Passed", Bart, living in his apartment (formerly "Room 203") watches The Itchy & Scratchy Show, but is then interrupted by a older Seymour Skinner, who reminds Bart he is two weeks behind his rent. Bart assures him he will sell his good kidney with the belief they will grow back. Then Bart's children arrive on a teleportation device; they express their dislike of him and the apartment.[1] The lofts reappear in Days of Future Future when Bart shows Homer his new digs - an abandoned classroom. Homer eventually lives there (as a screen), until he gets a REAL body (a robot body), and was burned (leaving him with no body.)