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The Lisa Book is a book based on Lisa Simpson and is about her life. It is part of the Library of Wisdom series and was part of the third series.


  • Lisa's Top 40
  • Lisa's Lifeline
  • Lisa's Rejected Catchphrases
  • Lisa's Ultimate Backpack
  • Bart Simpson Lisa's Ne'er-Do-Well Brother
  • Maggie Simpson Lisa's Little Sister
  • Janey Powell Lisa Simpson's Fair-Weather Best Friend
  • Milhouse Van Houten Bart's Best Friend & Lisa's Lovelorn Suitor
  • Ralph Wiggum Lisa's Second Grade Admirer
  • The Superfriends Elementary School Brainiacs
  • Lisa's Guide to Being a Teacher's Pet
  • The 20 Types of People You Meet in Elementary School
  • Dr Lisa, Veterinarian to the Stars (Part 1)
  • Anatomy of Lisa
  • Lisa's Left Brain VS Lisa's Right Brain
  • Lisa Simpsons's Notebook Stickers
  • Lisa Simpson's DVD Shelf
  • Dr Lisa, Veterinarian to the Stars (Part 2)
  • The Case of the Cold-Cocked Clown, a Mini-Mystery from the Secret Files of Lisa Simpson
  • Lisa's Smart-Alecky Answers to Environmentally Insensitive Questions
  • Allison Taylor Lisa's Second Grade Rival
  • Amber Dempsey Veteran Pageant Contestant/The Once and Future Little Miss Springfield
  • Alex Whitney Lisa's Way-Too-Grown-Up Schoolmate
  • Francine Rhenquist Schoolyard Bully
  • A Cautionary Guide to the Worst Dolls Ever!
  • Up On My High Horse - Lisa Simpson's Blogosphere of News and Opinions... But Mostly Opinions
  • Lisa Simpson's School Project #247, Illustrated Map of Washington, D.C. Our Nation's Capital
  • This Sash I Wear The Hall Monitor's Pledge
  • Dr Lisa, Veterinarian to the Stars (Part 3)
  • Lisa Simpson's Merit Badges for "Real Life" Achievements
  • Lisa Simpson's Sure-Fire, All-Purpose, Feeble Yet Effective, Excuses for Getting Out of Gym Class
  • Dr Lisa, Veterinarian to the Stars (Part 4)
  • Nelson Muntz Bully and Unexpected Love Interest
  • Jesse Grass Teenaged Activist Leader of Eco-Radical Group "Dirt First"
  • Luke Stetson Junior Wrangler, Lazy "I" Dude Ranch
  • Hugh St. John Alastair Parkfield Lisa's Future Fiancé
  • A Typical Day in the Life of Lisa Simpson
  • Dr Lisa, Veterinarian to the Stars (Part 5)
  • Department of Away from Homeland Security, Lisa's Family Vacation Cringe Index
  • Lisa's Solution to "The Case of the Cold-Cocked Clown"
  • Lisa's House of Haiku
  • Brainyland - The 2,864th Smartest Place in the Known Universe
  • Let's Ask Lisa! Words to and from the Wise
  • Lisa's Lifelong List of Things to Do
  • Dr Lisa, Veterinarian to the Stars (Part 6)
  • Mr. Bergstrom Lisa's Substitute Teacher
  • Bleeding Gums Murphy Springfield Saxophone Blues Legend
  • Hollis Hurlbut Curator of the Springfield Historical Society
  • Stacy Lovell Inventor of the Malibu Stacy Doll
  • Mr. Dewey Largo Music Teacher at Springfield Elementary
  • Miss Elizabeth Hoover Lisa's Second Grade Teacher
  • From the desk of Lisa Simpson:Commander in Chief
  • Dr Lisa, Veterinarian to the Stars (Part 7)
  • Lisa Simpson's School Project #78, Miss Lisa Regrets... A Self Examination in Charts and Verse
  • Lisa's Television Viewing Log
  • My Photo Album, by Lisa Simpson, Age 8
  • The Proust Questionnaire, Lisa Simpson
  • Lisa Simpson's School Project #14, Lisa Simpson, Intelligent Designer
  • Dr Lisa, Veterinarian to the Stars (Part 8)
  • Lisa's Bottom 40
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