The Life of The Moses was made by the Flanders family for the Springfield Film Festival. Ned directed and Rod filmed. Todd played Moses and Maude played Moses' mother Jochebed.

They started by filming a scene from Moses' babyhood at a river. Ned directed, "Now, Maude, in our movie, you lay Moses in the basket, then put it among the reeds." Maude did so, but the river was swifter than anyone was expecting, as the current grabbed the basket and sent it rapidly downstream. Todd called for help, his voice fading as he got further down the river and passed behind some trees.

Ned then prayed, "Flanders to God, Flanders to God, get off your cloud and save my Todd!" Lightning then struck a tree which fell over and landed across the river, stopping Todd from going any further downstream. On seeing that Todd was safe, the whole family cheered.


The name of the film was only releaved on future, when in others series. Flanders was talking and said "Like the film "The Life of The Moses", that we made?".