This article is about the Itchy & Scratchy Show episode. You may be looking for the similarly-titled Season 28 episode The Last Traction Hero.

"The Last Traction Hero" is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show. It was used to promote the Itchy & Scratchy Land theme park.


Scratchy is working out at a gym, and bulks up. He flexes and poses, showing off for Itchy. Annoyed, Itchy pokes Scratchy with a needle and Scratchy laughs it off. Itchy then pokes Scratchy in the chest with a needle dozens of times, causing Scratchy to bleed heavily. Then Itchy chops off his biceps and pectoral muscles with a chainsaw, revealing them bloodily severed.

After that, the cartoon turns into a commercial: Itchy and Scratchy speak directly to the audience, announcing that Itchy & Scratchy Land ("The violentest place on Earth") is opening, and to celebrate they are cutting ticket prices in half for a week. Scratchy holds up a "Ticket Prices" sign for Itchy to cut in half with a pair of scissors, but instead Itchy stabs Scratchy in the head with the scissors. Scratchy pulls the scissors out of his head (also pulling his brain out) and drools, still holding up the sign.

The fourth wall is broken again when Krusty in the studio turns off the TV, looks into the camera, and says, "Kids, you heard the cartoon rat. If you haven't already run to your parents begging to go, do it now."


  • This is one of the few Itchy and Scratchy episodes to have a break from the story for an important announcement (in-episode, in this case). Others include "Good Cats, Bad Choices" from Bart After Dark (which ended up interrupted with a breaking news flash due to an oil tanker running aground).