Bowl Me Over
The Last Fat Man
Tsunami, Tsunami, Baloney!
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Homer weighs himself and thinks he is fat, but at breakfast he still takes pancakes with syrup, which prompts Marge to give him a drawing that Maggie made, in which Homer is a giant ball. This leads to a visit to Dr. Hibbert, who tells Homer that his cholesterol is as high as a cheesecake and gives him a diet plan. Homer begins his diet with a visit to Pizza Bucket, but he is just smelling the food and visits the anonymous fatilister. At breakfast, Marge only gives him fruit and vegetables and at work he has to measure the amount of fat in his food, which is not easy. While at work, a sleeping Homer dreams about his favorite foods. Homer is awoken by an alarm: his drawl has fallen into the control panel, which started a fire - he runs away to the power plant shelter where he begins to eat his lunch. Meanwhile, the employees are panicking over the alarm, which stops when Burns releases a cloud of radiation that begins to cover the whole of Springfield, causing chaos across the town.

It's been 28 hours and Homer leaves the shelter to find that the whole town is weird and the power plant is empty. The first person he meets is Comic Book Guy, who has become skinnier, and he tells Homer that the radiation made everyone thin, and yelled to the rest of the townspeople to hunt Homer down as he is the only fat person. Homer is chased by the entire town before he came to the Spuckler family, that have also escaped the radiation. He follows them, but then he realizes that they want to eat him, so he escapes meets his family. However, they are also hunting him and succeed, allowing Chief Wiggum to shoot him with an anaesthetic dart. Homer wakes up in a hospital bed and he is skinny, but the rest of the residents of Springfield are now normal. They tell him that they had used his fat to give to the people in Springfield, so they are normal again. Homer is then sent home. Marge tells the kids that Homer will now be different, but when he gets home he is normal again, as he as stopped off at six drive-through locations on the way home. Mr. Burns goes to sleep in his home and asks Smithers to turn the light off, which reveals Burns to glow due to the radiation.


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