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The Land of Chocolate (The Simpsons Game)
Bartman Begins
[intro cutscene, right when Homer browses the prices of chocolates from a shop window and claimed they are half-price]
White Chocolate Rabbit: Excuse me, fatty. You're eating our world!
Homer: Hey! You look like that rabbit thing from that book about a girl named Alice who goes to Wonderland! What was it called? Oh yeah, Snow White in Stupidtown!

White Chocolate Rabbit

  • Why so slow, fatty? Eat too many of my relatives?
  • Leap, jumbo, leap!
  • Ha ha! I never seen anyone wet their pants while jumping!
  • If you can't do the tutorial you're really in trouble!
  • Maybe you should do better in a turn-based RPG!

Homer Simpson

Exploring the level

  • Oh, I hope I don't bump into any Oompa Loompas.
  • I love Chocolate City.
  • If this place is a dream, I'll kill myself.
  • I hope global warming doesn't find out about this place.
  • This place is way better than Vitamintropolis.
  • I am so buying a summer home here.
  • I'd love to meet Mayor Chocula.
  • This place has a great infrastructure.
  • Why won't Springfield be this delicious?
  • I hope I don't stain my clothes.
  • (upon encountering the giant cake) Ooh, please don't be full of dancing girls!
  • (upon encounternig the giant cake) Whoa, that's enough cake for TWO birthdays!
  • (upon encountering the giant cake) Wow, this is bigger than Marge's butt.
  • (upon encountering the giant cake) It's not even my birthday.

Attacking enemies

  • This is going to be a closed wrapper funeral!
  • Oh, you're going to get such an eating!
  • You should've stayed in your egg!
  • Haha! You don't even bleed!
  • I want to pat the bunny!
  • Now who's the idiot?
  • Die, chocolate!
  • Ah, piece of chocolate.
  • Oh, I'm gonna lick you all over!
  • Say good night, chocolate!
  • Oh I wish Lenny could see this!
  • Judo chop chop!
  • Mmm... The tail is the best part!
  • Let's see you hop without a head!
  • Aww... you're going to pieces!
  • Smash the bunny!
  • Easter came early this year!
  • You won't see your next Easter!
  • Mind if I break off your ear?
  • I want your chocolate in my mouth!
  • Let me eat your candy eyes!
  • Come on! Let me bite off an ear!
  • Chocolate isn't supposed to hop!
  • Die, bunnies! Die! *crazy laughter*
  • Flatten under my girth, bunnies! Flatten!
  • This is the happiest and saddest moment in my entire life!

Chocolate Rabbit

Attacking Homer

  • I did it with Marge!
  • Your eyes are like boobs!
  • Everyone knows you're bald.
  • You sir, are a monster!
  • 1989 called: it wants its fashion sense back!
  • Bart hates you!
  • Your son is... below average!
  • You're dumber than a bag of hair.
  • Why don't you not bite me?
  • Eating is cheating! EATING IS CHEATING!
  • You've ruined our utopia!
  • Your subconcious is taunting you, moron!
  • You self-medicate with food.
  • Oh, go suck a carrot!
  • Lick my tail!
  • You disgust this chocolate rabbit!
  • Ha! Your back fat is sweating!
  • Lenny  is way cooler than you!
  • You smell like...meat!
  • You couldn't tell caramel from nougat.
  • Why won't you wake up?!
  • Indubitably, you are an ass!
  • You need lipo, stat!
  • You stink of garlic and fish!
  • You can't even dream right!
  • Eat my fudge!
  • Blood sugar getting low?


  • Oh, why can't I just melt away in my sleep?!
  • I don't want to go to chocolate bunny hell!
  • Oh, damn my chocolate nerves!
  • (Bloodcurdling Scream)
  • God I'm a freak! A FREAK!
  • I hope you choke on me!
  • Pain, pain, pain, PAIN!
  • Ow, you ate my ears!
  • I challenge you to a chocolate duel!
  • Goodbye, brown world.
  • I'm being chomped, CHOMPED!
  • Holy crap, I'm hollow!
[Homer turns to Homer Ball, non-DS]
Homer: Weee, look at me! I'm a big fat giant ball and I can eat, eat, eat and never get full! This is like a dream come true. Thank goodness I'm not dreaming.
[Homer wakes up from a dream about The Land of Chocolate]
Homer: Not dreaming, not dreaming, not drea- Wha-? Dammit, I was dreaming! Why is life so unfair? All I want is the ability to eat everything in sight and turn into a giant ball! Is that too much to ask?! Damn you, reality!
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