Duff Bottle Caps

PS3 and Xbox

  • The first Cap is found, after jumping on the first marshmallow in the level onto a building.
  • The second is found around the corner, near the Marge fountain, with the same principle.
  • The third is found on the second layer of the large cake.
  • The fourth is in the cake itself, simply do a Homer-Ball stomp on the giant chocolate rabbit.
  • The fifth is on the wall, to get it, do a Homer-Ball dash.

PS2 and Wii

  • The first cap is found in the same place as the PS3 and Xbox versions.
  • As is the second.
  • The third cap is found, if the player goes to the left-hand side of the cake, near the chocolate waterfall, jump up the ledges.
  • The fourth is found on the right-hand side, if the player jumps up the ledges near the house and goes forward on the bridge and straight on.
  • The fifth is found in the same place as the fourth one for the PS3 and Xbox.

These earn "Choco-Duff beer".



This level has one/two (Xbox 360 and PS3 versions/PlayStation 2 version) of the Comic Book Guy's video games clichés throughout the game. When found, a picture of Comic Book guy appears with the description and a comment made by him.

  • Double jump: it is found when you do a double jump after crossing the chocolate river. "Oh, a double jump. That's so original".
  • Switches and Levels: (only in the PS2 version) when activating the lever that makes the giant cookies appear to climb the giant cake. "What would video games be without levers? Original."
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