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The Land of Chocolate

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For The Simpsons Game level, see The Land of Chocolate (The Simpsons Game)
The Land of Chocolate
The Land of Chocolate
Imaginary land for Homer
First Appearance "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk"

The Land of Chocolate is a land imagined by Homer when German businessmen bought the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and, during an interview, tell Homer they came from "the Land of Chocolate", referring to Germany. It is entirely made of chocolate, including houses, postlights, paths, rivers and even chocolate rabbits and dogs, and in a part called "Fudgetown" chocolate fudge rains. In the video game "The Simpsons Game", this place is the location for the first level, "The Land of Chocolate" where it had (Homer destroyed lots of bunnies) a population of 1372, in which Homer dreams about this place and chases a White Chocolate Rabbit.

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