The Krusty Burglar or rather, his actor, was majorly injured by Homer (while acting as Krusty the Clown) when he believed him to actually be stealing the burgers during a promotion of the new Krusty Burger (the one with Ketchup), thus resulting in the kids (and the announcer) being left mortified.

One of the kid's cries of "stop, sto-oo-op, he's already de-eaa-aad!" indicates that Homer's beatdown killed him, but this is false, as the Krusty Burglar spoke after the kid pleaded Homer to stop and claimed "please take a look at my medical bracelet."

Given his accent, he is presumably of Estonian origin and probably the same midget actor who Mr. Burns paid to play Lisa when Bart was having second thoughts about becoming the plant owner's adopted son.


Actor for children's shows, a parody of McDonald's Hamburgular. He probably had to retire after he was brutally damaged by Homer Simpson when Homer thought he was really stealing all the burgers.