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Akira: Hiya, [Bart takes out his Butterfinger] Ah, now little spike headed one.

Bart: Uh oh.
Akira: First lesson.
[throws Bart over the wall]
Bart: Aaaahhhh, oof, oh man.
Akira: Lesson number two.
[picks up Bart, spinning him, throws him on the ground, and his Butterfinger falls out]
Akira: Ah, now we take Butterfinger break.
Bart: Hiya [Bart trips Akira on the ground to get back his Butterfinger]
[Cuts to a short Butterfinger sequence]
Announcer: Crispy, crunchy, peanut buttery Butterfinger.
[Cuts back to the commercial]
Bart Lesson number three, [Bart takes a bite of his Butterfinger] nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger.
[The screen shows a box of Butterfinger Ice-Cream Nuggets.]

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