Hello, Human Fly here. Come on, I spent all night dyeing my underwear!
―The Human Fly[src]

The Human Fly, real name Jerry Patton[1], is an attention seeker who climbs skyscrapers. When The Be Sharps reunite and sing "Baby on Board" on top of Moe's Tavern, a crowd flocks around to watch while at the same time the Human Fly climbs a nearby skyscraper.

Non Canon

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Simpsons Comics

The Human Fly makes an appearance in Bart Simpson Comics #3, in the strip, "Sky High Bart". When Bart's flying boots go out of control and send him flying upwards, he zooms past the Human Fly. Yet again he is climbing a skyscraper, and his line is: "Sheesh! Why not use the elevator, kid?". The Human Fly is also included on the popular Simpsons Cast Poster.