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The House Next Door to Flanders is a song sung by Hettie at a rehab clinic in the ending of Gal of Constant Sorrow. It is a parody of the folk song "Big Rock Candy Mountain".


In the house next door to Flanders
There's a devil boy named Bart
Fatso's lost his catso
And the girl has a great big heart
The curtains all have corncobs
There's a sailboat on the wall.
There's Selma and a Patty,
and a grampa who is batty,
Apu and his Squishee,
the three-eyed fishie,
And they ain't aware
that I took the silverware
from the house next door to Flanders!
In the house next door to Flanders
Mom's hairdo scrapes the sky
The baby don't say nothin'
And no one wonders why!