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The Day the Nagging Stopped
The Homer Show
Classics Illustrated: Slobberwacky
250px-Simpsons Comics 42

Simpsons Comics Issue #42

The Homer Show
is a comic on Hollywood Producers catching footage of Homer Simpson acting as himself.


3 Hollywood footage people find out they have a lot of footage on Homer Simpson & the head executive orders installation of cameras around Springfield, Homer, whose not yet aware of the footage, is severely disappointed by the closing of Moe's Tavern, The Squidport & The Kwik-E-Mart. Homer runs into Lenny Leonard & Carl Carlson, who go to a secret town meeting where the TV Producers tell the Springfield republic to not let anyone in the Simpson family that Homer was being taped. They suggest that the benefits would help them build an art museum, but no one likes the idea & they just go with the idea the people that came were planning, Meanwhile, As Homer & Marge are getting ready for bed, Marge tells Homer the smoke detector inspectors (secretly disguised from looking like TV men) arrived & made Marge & the kids leave the house, Marge says she has a funny feeling, but Homer nods off as she says it. The next morning, The head executive is shown more footage of Homer, Homer cuts himself & wraps his head in toilet paper to stop the bleeding, but he falls down the stairs, As Homer is at the Kwik-E-Mart, Apu talks into the camera while helping Homer with his selection of food, Bart & Lisa watch an episode of Itchy & Scratchy, Later, The rating book arrives & the head executive finds that the Homer Show is one of the top shows, He soon shows that they installed a thousand cameras & said that they could've covered Homer's life with 6 cameras, Homer soon feels happy for his praise from the customers of Moe's Tavern. Later, Bart hits a baseball with a bat & the ball lands on the doors of a Hollywood surveillance truck, (which was disguised as an Exterminators Van) Bart soon learns whats happening & he blackmails the producers to give him a job that has large paycheck with no work required or he'll tell Homer whats going on. Bart is offered the job, Soon, Homer's life is going down into the pits, Homer is chased by his fans out of Moe's Tavern & he drives home, some of the TV producers notice somethings wrong, Homer asks if he is crazy or the town is, Marge only talks about the free food, free clothes they get, Bart's meetings & the strange whirring in the walls, which doesn't help Homer, Homer goes into a fit of rage, Back at the Hollywood studio, The producers watch Homer storm up the stairs, Homer, who is scared, confused & angry, says that its his nervous breakdown, The producers watch the footage, all the same for 5 whole days. Homer talks with the TV executives, as the show's ratings are really dropping down. They drop down even worse when Homer actually pretends to be stupid. The show is later cancelled, and Homer is back on his hammock, but is tied up soon. Groundskeeper Willie catches this all on tape, and the comic ends with him saying "ABC's gonna love this!"

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