The Hate Box is a nightclub located in Downtown Springfield. It is occupied mainly by Goths, punks, anarchists, and other such social outcasts.


Simp Episode – "Marge on the Lam"

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Otto shows up drinking a spiked mixed drink. He has a moment of clarity.

^ Otto approaches Marge while holding a cup filled with liquid and says "Mrs. Simpson, you should try one of these Smart Drinks" (a reference to non-alcoholic drinks containing a mixture of fruit juices & various supplements - a staple of the original raves of the early 1990's); he proceeds to drink from the cup, then stares into the distance and declares: "I've wasted my life".

Mayor Quimby is dancing topless with streaks of body paint on his torso while holding glow sticks (the Hate Box appears to be an underground Techno/rave/Industrial club, since recreational use of glow sticks was almost exclusive to warehouse parties & raves prior to the post-rave era of the late 90's)